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Explaining the good stuff in IT & treating the bad stuff with the cynicism and contempt that it deserves.
All episodes are created, recorded & broadcast for BCB 106.6 FM, Community Radio station for Bradford.
Dave Spencer
Kriss Blank
Brian Ackroyd
John Hudson
David Carpenter
Broadcast: 30th June & 1st July 2016
2016-07-07 10:41:38 by shi
Episode 290616
This month's dollop of derp from Information Technology includes:

No Man's Sky trademark problems, delayed release
Mark Zuckerberg hacked on Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
Zuckerberg has also confirmed that he's not a lizard & other shenanigans
Reddit user FiletOfFish1066 sacked for automating his job for 6 years

Anniversary corner: Twentieth Birthday of Quake
We reminisce memorable moments of the game

New! Singularity Watch: Keeping you up to date with Artificial Intelligence
AI called Benjamin fed movie scripts generated the sci-fi movie, Sunspring, failed Bechdel test

Leeds Hack update! Our roving reporter Brian talks to Wes & Chris about complicated things
Richard Cheese Gives away his back catalogue in response to BREXIT

Richard Cheese - Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage Cover) and Imagine

Download transcript (.odt file): itstuff290616
Broadcast: 2nd & 3rd June 2016
2016-06-11 12:55:05 by shi
Episode 010616
This month's episode features the following!

Data leaks coming out of the wazoo from LinkedIn, Myspace, Yahoo and Google
Microsoft's one cool trick for Windows 10 upgrades
Windows 10 upgrades will cost you a hundred squids (or more)
Sci-Hub, #icanhazpdf & the monopoly of publishers on academic journals
Artificial intelligent poets

Shi's World of Stuff includes:
Project Ara & the whole modular phones malarkey
Microsoft killing Nokia
Samsung hologram phones

Leeds Hack update! Our roving reporter Brian talks to Alice

Dr. Caligula's Pirate Willy Workshop - a Spectrum piracy workshop at Feral Vector in Hebden Bridge
Happy International Amiga Day!

Per Holmström - Amiga Day 2014

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Broadcast: 7th & 8th April 2016
2016-05-30 01:16:19 by shi
Episode 040416
A special broadcast from the past with David, shi and Kriss!

Google's April Fool gag gone wrong
Microsoft's AI Twitter bot, Tay, is only human
Microsoft's Linux compatibility layer for Windows
Apple Computer is forty years old, Phil Schiller thinks poor people are sad
Shi's world of all the VR things & the BBC micro:bit
Quick and dirty interviews from National Media Museum: Lates (Music)
One cool trick to fool biometric scanners with a deskjet printer
Reports from Leeds Hack 2015
Panama Papers weigh a stonking two and a half terabytes

Spray - We're All Made Of Stars

Download transcript (.odt file): itstuff040416
National Media Museum Lates: Music by shi
Quick and dirty interviews with some of the fantastic exhibitors at the event which took place at Bradford's National Media Museum.
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Interviews with the hackers and participants at Leeds Hack 2015 by our roving reporter, Brian Ackroyd for IT Stuff.
BCB Interview with Dave Spencer
Listen in as Dave Spencer reveals all in this public service announcement on the recent Windows 10. A special interview by BCB Radio 106.6 FM, August 2015. On loop! Well, kinda.
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