Episode 300518

Hey everybody, welcome to GDPR month where sharing means failing.

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Installed by shi on 2018-05-30
Episode 020518

Calling all students! If you’re doing an essay about information technology and its role in the modern distopia, well come and have a load of this for free, because we are IT Stuff and that is our mission.

And the stuff crew with all the stuff are Kriss, Edafe and Shi.

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Installed by shi on 2018-05-02
Episode 040418

Hallo lifeforms welcome to IT Stuff, car crash radio about the car crash of technology. Living the future with us today are co-presenters Kriss, Shi and our very special guest, Edafe.

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Installed by shi on 2018-04-04
Radio Venus Special

Hello, hello, hello out there. It is time for your favourite internet show about the internet – IT STUFF, with yours sincerely, shi.

I’m missing my usual cohort of presenters – it is, after all, International Women’s Day so you know, I need to work twice as hard to earn the same amount of recognition.

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Installed by shi on 2018-03-07
Episode 070218

This sensory induced e-sports episode will get us all the audience we don't deserve. Are we prepared to do this?

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Installed by shi on 2018-02-07