Episode 200917

Hello everybody, this is IT Stuff on BCB Radio. We get together once a month and we talk about the wonder, the magic of information technology, tomorrow’s world today ... with a few bugs here and there.

Today we are joined by John Hudson with a special report on the recent Wuthering Bytes event!

Ooh and this month's secret phrase is, "watermelon head puppets".

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Episode 230817

Hey hey hey it's time for IT Stuff. And the big question this month: is it a terms of service violation to threaten nuclear war on Twitter?

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Installed by shi on 2017-08-23
Episode 260717

We've got Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Information, local spammers and plenty of death foretold!

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Episode 310517

Today's delirious rambling is an incident themed special Stuff!

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Episode 030517

What a treat! It's the IT Stuff Artificial Intelligence Special!

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