Episode 260619

Hiya! This is IT Stuff, opinionising technology here on BCB Radio, and here we are again on the brink of a whole new month, I don't want to put a downer on it but we've tried that before and it never ends well.

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Installed by shi on 2019-06-26
Episode 290519

We are the scared wireless operator on the ocean liner of progress as it meets the climate emergency melted iceberg of reality with not even a squelch.

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Installed by shi on 2019-05-29
Episode 010519

Blimey is that the time? Here on BCB Radio 106.6fm, it's yer IT Stuff. Technology news and opinions on the news and opinions on the opinions on the news, and then it's just cynics all the way down really.

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Installed by shi on 2019-05-01
Episode 020419

Yo people, that squirty noise means it's IT Stuff round again. Please hark upon the wisdom of Kriss and Shi. And I'm Tim Apple.

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Installed by shi on 2019-04-02
Episode 060319

Hello folks and welcome to IT Stuff, it's March 2019 and you might have noticed this week is International Women's Day Week so on behalf of the equality armageddon of tech let us be the first to wish you a very happy International Women's Day Week Month. Bro.

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Installed by shi on 2019-03-06