Episode 151117

IT Stuff is installing updates, zero percent completed, do not turn off your radio.

In this month's Stuff Update we'll be mocking the powerful and then plugging the empowerment of our local events. So that's the usual then. Save you looking at the knowlege base innit.

Do not turn off your radio. Eighteen percent completed.

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Installed by shi on 2017-11-15
Episode 181017

Welcome to Negativity Month! Wherein the first half of the show we'll celebrate the misery of autumn with negative technology stories and security fails.

We conclude the show with AI and local events in an attempt to cheer ourselves up. Will it work?

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Episode 200917

Hello everybody, this is IT Stuff on BCB Radio. We get together once a month and we talk about the wonder, the magic of information technology, tomorrow’s world today ... with a few bugs here and there.

Today we are joined by John Hudson with a special report on the recent Wuthering Bytes event!

Ooh and this month's secret phrase is, "watermelon head puppets".

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Episode 230817

Hey hey hey it's time for IT Stuff. And the big question this month: is it a terms of service violation to threaten nuclear war on Twitter?

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Episode 260717

We've got Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Information, local spammers and plenty of death foretold!

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