Radio Venus Special

Hello, hello, hello out there. It is time for your favourite internet show about the internet – IT STUFF, with yours sincerely, shi.

I’m missing my usual cohort of presenters – it is, after all, International Women’s Day so you know, I need to work twice as hard to earn the same amount of recognition.

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Installed by shi on 2018-03-07
Episode 070218

This sensory induced e-sports episode will get us all the audience we don't deserve. Are we prepared to do this?

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Installed by shi on 2018-02-07
Episode 131217

Hello hello! So due to us all having made so much money from Bitcoin, we can't be bothered with Bradford any more and we're all moving somewhere more fitting to our new status as rich people.

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Installed by shi on 2017-12-13
Episode 151117

IT Stuff is installing updates, zero percent completed, do not turn off your radio.

In this month's Stuff Update we'll be mocking the powerful and then plugging the empowerment of our local events. So that's the usual then. Save you looking at the knowlege base innit.

Do not turn off your radio. Eighteen percent completed.

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Installed by shi on 2017-11-15
Episode 181017

Welcome to Negativity Month! Wherein the first half of the show we'll celebrate the misery of autumn with negative technology stories and security fails.

We conclude the show with AI and local events in an attempt to cheer ourselves up. Will it work?

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Installed by shi on 2017-10-18