Episode 310320

Hey listener folks it's April 2020, this is BCB Radio and a very special welcome to the IT Stuff End Of The World Partayy!

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Installed by shi on 2020-03-31
Episode 040320

Hey hey hey here is your monthly parcel of IT Stuff delivered to your listening device by the err let’s call it Bradford Beck Prime of BCB Radio 106.6 fm.

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Installed by shi on 2020-03-04
Episode 050220

Hi there, this radio programme is IT Stuff, brought to you by BCB Radio 106.6fm, and it was their idea not ours ok?

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Installed by shi on 2020-02-05
Episode 080120

2020, what a flaming mess. Hello planet, this is IT Stuff, we’re here to defile another decade with unreliable opinions about technology and stuff.

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Installed by shi on 2020-01-08
Episode 121219

Welcome to IT Stuff, the opinion based stuff show that's about IT. Vaguely. It's a world of pain out there right now, Yahoo Groups is about to be lost forever.

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Installed by shi on 2019-12-12