Episode 020419

Yo people, that squirty noise means it's IT Stuff round again. Please hark upon the wisdom of Kriss and Shi. And I'm Tim Apple.

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Installed by shi on 2019-04-02
Episode 060319

Hello folks and welcome to IT Stuff, it's March 2019 and you might have noticed this week is International Women's Day Week so on behalf of the equality armageddon of tech let us be the first to wish you a very happy International Women's Day Week Month. Bro.

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Installed by shi on 2019-03-06
Episode 060219

So once again it’s IT Stuff, the least worst technology show on BCB Radio. And once again we’re short handed, left in the lurch by Kriss and Shi, so thanks to John the Sage of Calderdale for popping in. Er, sorry about the cat.

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Episode 090119

Howdy Ho, this is IT Stuff, we are here to tell you that Christmas is over. Happy new year, as Huawei tweeted from iPhones, shortly before the employees were demoted.

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Episode 121218

Hello everybody, welcome to IT Stuff for December 2018, regular listeners will know that in these difficult times only IT Stuff can stare without fear into the abyss of chaos.

And what do we see swirling around down there?

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Installed by shi on 2018-12-12