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Broadcast: 19th & 20th October 2017
2017-10-18 15:46:04 by shi
Episode 181017
Welcome to Negativity Month! Wherein the first half of the show we'll celebrate the misery of autumn with negative technology stories and security fails.

We conclude the show with AI and local events in an attempt to cheer ourselves up. Will it work?

Our topics include:
WPA2 Krack attack
Adobe Flash emergency patch
Key fobs on Subaru cars
Microsoft Outlook plain text attachment in encrypted mail
Adobe Security Team blogs their own PGP Private key
Deloitte login details leaked
Monero bitcoin miners
WeChat bffs the Chinese Govt
US mobile phone shares anything for money
Pornhub advert spyware
Equifax fake flash upgrade
Mattel withdraws kid-focused “smart hub” Aristotle
Disqus data breaches
Twitter doubles word count and revised abuse policy

Singularity Watch:
Google's teachable machine - using your camera, live in the browser

Contact us via @itstuffradio on the twitters

Local events:
Bradford Coder Dojo 3rd Birthday - Sat, 28th Oct 2017 9:30am-12pm at Little Germany
Queer Code Yorkshire - 2nd Nov at Sky Betting & Gaming Wellington Place Leeds

A bit of Cracktro, played on the chipophone as used on Lemmings and Silkworm 4 by 4mat

Download transcript (.odt file): itstuff181017
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