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Broadcast: 16th & 17th November 2017
2017-11-15 15:09:53 by shi
Episode 151117
IT Stuff is installing updates, zero percent completed, do not turn off your radio.

In this month's Stuff Update we'll be mocking the powerful and then plugging the empowerment of our local events. So that's the usual then. Save you looking at the knowlege base innit.

Do not turn off your radio. Eighteen percent completed.

Our topics include:
Facebook fail auto-translate results in arrest and account blocking
Apple FaceID fooled by 3D printed face and facial similarities
China developing tech to recognise any citizen’s face in 3 seconds
Apple bug disallow users to type the letter, 'i'
Google's Android forced 'permission' activity recognition
Mark Karpeles and MtGox bitcoin malarkey
Plague of stealth miners in your apps & browser
Ethereum updates
Twitter 280 character limit examplifies quantity over quality

World of Stuff:
Compuserve forums shutting down along with AOL Instant Messenger

Contact us via @itstuffradio on the twitters

Local events:
Bradford Coder Dojo - Sat, 18th Nov 2017 9:30am-12pm at Little Germany
Get into Tech, Leeds - Work experience Jan to April 2018, closing date for applications is 17th Nov

Retro repeat (Can you guess what it is?)

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