Episode 310320

Hey listener folks it's April 2020, this is BCB Radio and a very special welcome to the IT Stuff End Of The World Partayy!

BCB IT Stuff recording 31 March 2020 transmission 1/2 April 2020 [0] Hey listener folks it's April 2020, this is BCB Radio and a very special welcome to the IT Stuff End Of The World Partayy! Yeah its a very special live edition of IT Stuff, cos we were all alive when we recorded it, yeah? Obviously you listeners must be still alive, well unless the ambulance crew left yer radio on when they carried you out. So, big shout out to all those empty listener kitchens, yeah! And here to stop me wittering, it's Shi and Kriss. And I'm Joe Wicks. [2] So. Let's kick off, there are two themes running through the show this week, one of them is the plague, we're all gonna die, obviously, the other is Spaaaaaace! And what do they have to do with each other? It was announced this month that seti@home is closing. What was that? Why is it closing? But the spinoff is folding@home and the coronavirus thing is now the most powerful computing resource on the planet, estimated 1.5 exaflop - the IBM summit is a bit less than 150 petaflops [6] another intersection of space and the plague, a bored astrophysicist in Australia got magnets up his nose. Dr Daniel Reardon wanted to invent a necklace that warned when you touch your face. Less funny, over in Italy they needed spare valves for their ventilators in a hurry, they were quoted weeks to deliver and ten grand a pop so somebody knocked up a 3d print in an afternoon. [8] Meanwhile there's lots of talk about the interwebs being throttled. Amazon Netflix Youtube etc. Ofcom advice bla bla bla WHY?? Also fact check on the carbon footprint of Netflix tl;dr it's fine And Zoom is everywhere, days after being banned by the MoD it was used for a cabinet meeting. Advertising partners were described as “vampires feeding on the blood of human data”. [11] There's some perks of the lockdown. Free Pornhub Premium in Italy. Data caps lifted. And on the Internet Archive there's a National Emergency Library. [14] Right. Enough of that. Listeners. Oi! Shut up sit up pay attention. IT Stuff check. BCB Radio check. 106.6fm check. We good? No? Right then see if we care, go outside, go on it's only thirty quid if you pay quick. clear off! right have they gone? flamin extroverts, isolation, they can't hack it. [15] Back to space plague! NASA has shared astronaut Anne McClain's top five tips for living together in confined spaces for long periods of time. Here we go! [18] Singularity Watch [SINGULARITY] Over in China where facial recognition fights crime, face recog co Hanwang has 2 million cameras across the world, they have just rolled out a new enhancement applying facial recognition to people wearing facemasks, 95% accurate. A team at the University of Bradford published a study last year showing they could train a facial recognition program to accurately recognize half-faces by deleting parts of the photos they used to train the software. Meanwhile in Space, new video processing tech is promising a HD reboot of DS9 and Voyager. They were originally mastered in NTSC video but somebody's run a few clips through Gigapixel AI (a commercial tool) and it was fab. [23] Elon You're Drunk [HARAMBE] well we're back with the plague and space thing, what with one thing and another Elon wants to crack on with his Mars colony. He wants SpaceX to crank out one of his new Starship rockets per week - which are truly huge and haven't really flown yet, the first one blew up on the pad - Elon held a company meeting at 1am to double the workforce. Meanwhile he's said that SpaceX and Tesla 'could' manufacture ventilators. [25] And that's it, end of show, as always we'll be back again 28 days later, bizarrely that'll be the second IT Stuff in the calendar month of April. Still on the space plague thing we leave you with Standers Trio and Fly Me To The Mon (might be a typo), followed by, from the soundtrack of the 2011 film Contagion They’re Calling My Flight. Exciting time in the world right now.
Broadcast 1st & 2nd April 2020