Episode 050220

Hi there, this radio programme is IT Stuff, brought to you by BCB Radio 106.6fm, and it was their idea not ours ok?

BCB IT Stuff recording 5 February 2020 transmission 6/7 February 2020 [0] Hi there, this radio programme is IT Stuff, brought to you by BCB Radio 106.6fm, and it was their idea not ours ok? but what we actually do is a Hegelian dialectic, the thesis is news about technology, the antithesis is your humble presenters prejudices and bigoted opinions, and the synthesis is we just can't be bothered any more. Here's your synthetic lifeforms Shi and Kriss. And I'm Byleth out of Smash Bros. Everybody hates me. Not sure why? meh [2] Weird Stuff Roundup • Google CEO’s piffle at the World Economic Forum • Let’s hear from the Egyptian mummy in Leeds museum! • Subreddit of the Month is Scottish People Twitter feat. Irvine Welsh vs. Shell Energy • Quick shout out to The Light cinema on Broadway in Bradford, their whats on display can't download updates lololol [8] Amazon Ring should be shut down immediately! “The deployment of connected home security cameras that allow footage to be queried centrally are simply not compatible with a free society. The privacy issues are not fixable with regulation and there is no balance that can be struck. Ring should be shut down immediately and not brought back.” -- Amazon software engineer named Max Eliaser. He’s worried about the neighbourhood mesh surveillance shared with police. [11] [ANNIVERSARY] What's in anniversary corner today? It's 15 years of Google Maps and Earth and Street View, you might have heard that someone in Germany named Simon Weckert bought 99 second hand phones and put them all in a little red plastic cart and went for a walk around Berlin and managed to freak out Google Maps with a fake traffic jam. [14] so a quick stardate check, it's just gone peak IT Stuff here on BCB Radio 106.6fm, with me, a boomer. ok? My chum Shi does some podcast magic onto itstuff dot org dot uk, there's scripts, rss and graphic design that's just the right side of weird. [15] [WORLDOFSTUFF] Cheap knockoff x86s from China! the new Zhaoxin chip is superscalar and capable of out of order execution. It also supports modern instruction sets like SSE4.2 and AVX. Eight cores, 70W. Via is involved. And in end of life news, Blackberry’s keyboard manufacturer has dumped Blackberry. [19] [ECONEWS] Goth Photovoltaic Panels! and Microsoft has pledged to remove "all of the carbon" from the environment that it has emitted since the company was founded in 1975. Sat Nad wants to be "carbon negative" by 2030 and reverse its entire existence by 2050. [23] Time for Go Home Elon You're Drunk [HARAMBE] and Muskie mcMuskface has been vibing in the studio again, his track is named Don't Doubt Ur Vibe, here's a clip [URVIBE]. However that's not the interesting thing, oh no. The interesting thing is a nice little parable about the automatical recommendation wotnots that are all over these days. Cos the Elon thing is hosted on Soundcloud, and everybody who listened to it got an automatical follows-onnie-thing by someone called almndjoy, a brilliant song about, well, about an adult theme that rhymes with uhhh reptile disjunction. It puts the ED into EDM. It's fair to say that the interwebs liked that a lot more than Elon's limp thing. Errrm so if you want to find a funny rap about disjunction in the snake department errrr well [25] Right we're done with this until the beginning of March, next week you'll find Fandomain filling our slot, and we leave you with our musical meditation from a familiar voice.
Broadcast 6th & 7th February 2020