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Hiya! This is IT Stuff, opinionising technology here on BCB Radio, and here we are again on the brink of a whole new month, I don't want to put a downer on it but we've tried that before and it never ends well.

BCB IT Stuff recording 26 June 2019 transmission 27/28 June 2019 [0] Hiya! This is IT Stuff, opinionising technology here on BCB Radio, and here we are again on the brink of a whole new month, I don't want to put a downer on it but we've tried that before and it never ends well. Er, more things we've tried before are Kriss, Shi and our regular guest John. [2 Min] Cryptocurrency news Facebook did what we predicted and announced Libra. Do you trust Zuck with your money? and with the complete picture of how you're spending your money? Is this a deepfake? Also, if you remember the bloke running a coin exchange Quadriga who died suddenly without leaving his passwords, well Ernst & Young have had their forensic accountants in, nothing left. He'd embezzled the whole lot more or less in real time since 2016. He had fake accounts named Aretwo Deetwo and Seethree Peaohh. And Bitcoin is on a big run up, “To The Moon” as they say. 1202 alarm. [5 Min] [FAMILYFILTUNES] Smut news! The Great British Porn Cockup is deferred. That's the compulsory age verification for looking at smut, would have been imposed a couple of weeks from now, but it turns out the civil service forgot to send some paperwork to the EU. [6 Min] Gadget update Alexa is in the news, it's been suggested these always-listening devices are ideal for working out if someone home alone has had a heart attack and calling an ambulance. Also, are you a small child? does your grandad look a bit miserable? why not get Alexa to cheer him up? [WHOOPSALEXA] [8 Min] Music news Apple is dumping iTunes. Wat. Streaming ended up making money for the music industry, but fake streaming is a thing. There are fake tracks, fake albums and fake listeners. It's estimated maybe 3% of streaming is illegitimate, maybe $300m of revenue. “Streaming manipulation” they call it, and there's a new industry code of conduct just out to try reduce it. [11 Min] Fail of the month We've mentioned before the internet relies on something called the Border Gateway Protocol, which is is shockingly error prone. An error at a small ISP in the States led to 2% of global internet traffic being diverted to a steel firm in Pennsylvania and disrupted Cloudflare, Facebook and Amazon. But that's only the runner up. The real fail of the month goes to Pakistan government advisor Shaukat Yousafzai who was livestreamed on Facebook with the cat filter turned on. Yep, big pink ears and whiskers. “The cat filter was turned on by mistake. Let’s not take everything so seriously.” [13 Min] You're listening to IT Stuff, it's time for Anniversary Corner! [ANNIVERSARY] [19 Min] World of Stuff! [STUFF] we've been surprised by the sudden release of the RPi 4. Faster CPU, faster Ethernet, more memory (if you pay more). One interesting use case is network intrusion. We found out just this week that in April last year someone exfiltrated 500Mb of secrets from Nasa's Jet Propulsion Lab using an unauthorised RPi, as seen on TV's Mr Robot. [22 Min] Time for a new regular feature, emergencising your climate here's IT Stuff's Eco News [ECONEWS] Scottish Power is building a battery farm the size of half a football pitch to even out wind energy. It's huge, but not huge enough, cos they plan five more. However HMRC is going to put up the VAT on home solar battery systems from 5% to 20%, citing an ECJ ruling. [24 Min] Time for Go Home Elon For the first time ever we have nothing. I had to go looking on his twitters and it's all plugging his own “Occupy Mars Heat Sensitive Terraforming Mug” (fifteen dollars) and pictures of bees and a picture of a monkey smoking a fag, which went down like a bucket of cold sick with PETA “This is not helpful. We work 24/7 to stop folks from using animals in hideous ways such as portraying them in ways that demean them, which leads to cruel treatment. Use your platform for good, please. #EndSpeciesism”. So listeners, for this month's homework I want an essay, title “Is there any point in dialogue between irreconcilable factions. Discuss”.
Broadcast 27th & 28th June 2019