Episode 020419

Yo people, that squirty noise means it's IT Stuff round again. Please hark upon the wisdom of Kriss and Shi. And I'm Tim Apple.

Local Events Bradford Coder Dojo Saturday, 27 April 09:30 - 12:00 Venue: Innovation Centre in Little Germany

Badonkadonk Wednesday, 10 April 19:00 - 21:00 Venue: Upstairs, Turls Green

BCB IT Stuff recording 2 April 2019 transmission 4/5 April 2019 [0] Yo people, that squirty noise means it's IT Stuff round again. Please hark upon the wisdom of Kriss and Shi. And I'm Tim Apple. [TIMAPPLE] At the end of the show we'll trying again to find out just what this show needs to do to get banned from BCB Radio, so please stick around for that. [2 Min] Let's start with the world of evil. Don't be evil Google! [NEWEVIL] One of the things big tech companies do that you might not know about is they have Ethics Panels of external luminaries, for plausible deniability purposes. Google's AI council is very male white caucasian with a prominent climate change denier from the Heritage Foundation. Its employees are revolting. And also Google has been fined 1.49 Billion euros for abusing its monopoly of online advertising. Do I need to mention Facebook's live stream of a mass murder in New Zealand? All the old mass media piled on, but the Mirror the Mail and the Sun all had the start of the same video looped on autoplay on their websites. And we won't mention Boeing. [5 Min] A quick update on that cryptocurrency exchange bloke that died and took his password with him, leaving 105m quid of clients money locked away forever, well, because transactions on the blockchain are public somebody took the trouble to add up all the comings and goings on his cyberwallets, and guess what? He'd embezzled it all while he was still alive. The whole lot. No point trying to get into his wallets, cos there's nothing in em. It's a scam! [8 Min] A bit of news about various service comings and goings. We mentioned before about Flickr deleting excess photos from non-paying users, well they've announced creative commons licensed photos won't be counted towards the new 1000 picture limit. We got some data about how the Tumblr porn ban went, traffic is 30% down. Google Stadia announced (sorta like Twitch). And just last Tuesday Google Plus was laid to rest. And it turns out Myspace has lost all the music from its glory days pre 2016. 50 million songs, 14m artistes. [12 Min] You're listening to BCB Radio, single channel audio frequency modulated as electromagnetic radiation centered on 106 million 6 hundred thousand hertz from 53.83260727 deg north and 1.753813386 deg west. itstuff dot org dot uk easier to remember? maybe thats just me? Britain's Great Porn Agecheck Cockup is delayed. Over in the European Parliament, all the ghastly link tax and upload filter proposals got enacted. This is Article 11 and Article 13, except they're now renumbered. Voting problems meant that enough votes to send it for amendment got wrongly cast, but those MEPs have been told it's too late and there's now almost no chance of avoiding it. [14 Min] Here's a big bumper Singularity Watch. [SINGULARITY] First we have GauGAN, an nVidia project for turning rough doodles into photorealistic masterpieces with artificial learning and advanced texturing. Its not just for art, lots of things like VR and architectural modelling can use it. And Mozilla is sharing the largest ever corpus of recorded voices and transcriptions: 1,400 hours from 42,000 people in 18 languages. [16 Min] Some bloke spent a whole week wearing a VR headset Let's listen in for a sec: [VRGUY] google 'I spent a week in a VR headset'. And students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign develop a brain-computer interface to read and vocalize the thoughts of a Labrador retriever named Alma. Let's listen in! [20 Min] Robot news [ALMA] If you spent £800 in 2017 on a Jibo (like Alexa but it has a round screen for a face and it can wobble about) well you're stuffed, because like all the others it relies on cloud servers, and the owners are closing the whole lot down. So this is what happened [JIBO] Over in California, in another fail of basic humanity a doctor over a telepresence robot video link told a bloke he had only a couple of days to live. He was dead the next day. And finally if you were the US Airforce and you were making an unmanned fighter drone what would you call it? Skyborg. [23 Min] Local Events Badonkadonk Weds 10 April & Coder Dojo just missed it so 27 April [24 Min] Go home Elon you’re drunk It's almost like Elon knows about this show's editorial deadlines, cos just when we thought he'd done nowt daft this month, suddenly there's a steaming hot pile of Go Home Elon dumped on Soundcloud. He's excreted some rap. Er, to show he's up with all the latest three year old memes it's about Harambe the Gorilla. Let's review the lyrics: All we ever do (All we do) Thinkin' about you (Ayy) We back at the zoo, man (At the zoo) Thinkin' about you, man Where my gorillas at? We miss you We really, really miss you Harambe
Broadcast 4th & 5th April 2019