Episode 171018

Hello everybody, welcome to IT Stuff for October 2018. For avoidance of doubt we are the bramble-covered folly in the media landscape around the gleaming skyscrapers of information technology.

Local Events Bradford Coder Dojo returns 17 November 09:30 - 12:00 Venue: Innovation Centre in Little Germany

BCB IT Stuff recording 17 October 2018 transmission 18/19 October 2018 [0] Hello everybody, welcome to IT Stuff for October 2018, for avoidance of doubt we are the bramble-covered folly in the media landscape around the gleaming skyscrapers of information technology. And if you check that on Listen Again I think you’ll find that is not a mixed metaphor. Sharing this highly scripted moment with me are Kriss and Shi, and I’m the ghost of Paul Allen. [2 Min] Let’s make a start with Don’t Be Evil Google! [EVILJINGLE] there’s a reason why we top & tail the show with regular features Don’t Be Evil Google and Go Home Elon You’re Drunk, and that’s cos they can be relied on to produce material every month. This month Google is having to close down Google+. What’s Google+? That’s the point really, but it does have some users, and it turns out their details could be snaffled easy-peasy, and Google didn’t fess up until just now. [5 Min] Meanwhile next door at Facebook they’ve done much the same thing, 19 million profiles leaked. The sprinkled parsley on the top of that **** sandwich is Facebook blocked the Guardian’s story about this cos it’s fake news. And spare a thought for Monsieur Luc Anus who wants to get on the council at Lobbes, near Charleroi in Belgium. Facebook has a notorious Real Name policy but it wouldn’t let Mr Anus get onto Facebook cos his name is rude, he had to call himself Anu. [8 Min] We should have a regular slot for Windows Update. In this episode, the Windows October Update got launched, and then got pulled when it turned out it deleted people’s files "All your files are where you left them”. Then it got fixed, and relaunched, and then got pulled when it turned out that Intel audio was broken, and it’ll be having another go-round in the next few days. Squeeeeee! [10 Min] Other quickie news stuff, Tim Berners Lee launched a new decentralised web thing that I don’t understand. Please explain it to me! Is it going anywhere? And there’s a great bug in libssh, the client says to the server “yeah I’m good, let me in”, the ssh library nobody uses. And there’s been a bit of a flap about tiny evil Chinese spychips that may have been snuck onto Supermicro motherboards. Do we believe that? And a new service for Trump supporting lonely hearts “Donald Daters - Make America Date Again” turns out to have no security at all. Sad. [15 Min] You're listening to BCB 106.6FM, this is IT Stuff, otherwise available at itstuff.org.uk. October the 9th was Ada Lovelace Day, and how did we celebrate women in technology this year? By pointing out that this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics winner, Donna Strickland, didn’t have a Wikipedia page cos back in 2014 somebody objected that she wasn’t notable enough. [17 Min] World of Stuff!! [STUFF] Drones everywhere - Disney graffiti drone “Paintcopter”, some firm called Aha in Reykjavik is delivering burgers by drone in ~ 4 mins for £5, “before 7pm on days that are not too windy, too snowy, or too rainy”. And Ocado now have a driverless grocery van making deliveries in Greenwich in that London. There’s now an Alexa enabled microwave, controlled by a nearby Amazon Echo! Pepper the robot went before MPs, it’s rancid! Someone’s invented a new phone attachment, it’s a strap-on robotic waggly index finger, fully articulated. Most polite response was “If my phone did that, I’d hit it with a broom and bury it with a stake through its heart and a really big rock on top. And even then I’d not sleep soundly” [22 Min] Local Events, next Coder Dojo is on the 17th of November cos the October one just happened. [24 Min] Go Home Elon You're Drunk He was charged with Fraud over his Tesla buyout tweets. Him and Tesla settled that with twelve million dollars and agreement to “put in place additional controls and procedures to oversee Musk’s communications.” So he tweeted out a few insults before that started. And he’s ended the month by trademarking Tesla branded Tequila -- Teslaquila. [26 Min] To play us out, here’s some weird stuff that Shi found at musicforprogramming.net, this is compilation number 42 by datasette. Bye!
Broadcast 18th & 19th October 2018