Episode 250718

Hi everybody welcome to IT Stuff for July 2018. What's in the show? Body Part Bingo and upgrading your non-functional fingers with ordinary, everyday teaspoons.

Our topics include USB phone cable twisted and tangled in *bingo* Phone battery exploded *bingo* during indecent act #Teamviewer

Vulnerability Roundup Swann home security camera sends video to wrong user Apple locked phones unlocked by any USB device Public bluetooth pairing insecure

Singularity Watch Pontifical Catholic University creates AI to draw fake bikinis on *bingo* Facebook bans photos with *bingo* including art Type dog 18 times into Google Translate for your future Drones are here in Bradford Deepmind plays Quake III Arena - Capture the Flag

World of Stuff CHIP and CHIP PRO under new management Trade tariffs SUCKS

Local Events Badonkadonk / Weirdspace 8th August upstairs in Turls Green Bradford Coder Dojo on hiatus til September

Go home, Elon, you're drunk Farting Unicorn debacle comes to an agreement Tantrums over his mini *bingo* and calls out Pedo guy

BCB IT Stuff recording 25 July 2018 transmission 26/27 July 2018 [0] Hi everybody welcome to IT Stuff for July 2018. What's in the show? Body Part Bingo. [2 Min] Start with an easy one, welcome back Dick, a 13 year old lad Duoduo, Linkou in Heilongjiang Province in China cut the end off a USB phone cable, curious about how it would feel after his classmates made jokes at school. Pushed it up his peepee. Got twisted and tangled. 2 weeks in hospital. Dr. Liyan said it reached 10cm to his bladder, from the x-ray, the doctors could see where the cable was in a dead knot and that was why Duoduo could not pull it out. The doctors attempted to pull the cable out with lubricants but it was unsuccessful then made an incension at the point where the cable had become tangled before removing it. [4 Min] Another easy one, we are indebted to The Register for the story of a pervert in Wisconsin who built a shoe mounted camera setup for taking upskirt photos, the battery exploded and burnt his foot, they let him off cos he hadn’t managed to take any photos. Lithium Ion ftw [6 Min] Vulnerability roundup! Swann home security camera sends video to wrong user; and there’s a new Apple thing that stops the bad guys (and the good guys) getting into your locked phone -- just plug a USB device in; sorted! And don’t pair your bluetooth in public, it’s insecure. [9 Min] Rejoice! Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil has created an AI that can draw fake bikinis onto mucky pictures! which is handy, cos Facebook has been banning Rubensies -- you know, them paintings of pink fat ladies with nothing on except a piece of gauze. Flemish Tourist board got upset, wrote to Zuck: “Breasts, buttocks and Peter Paul Rubens’ cherubs are all considered indecent, Not by us, but by you. Even though we secretly have to laugh about it, your cultural censorship is making life rather difficult for us.” Other Zuck news -- Zuckerberg defends Facebook users' right to be wrong – even Holocaust deniers. “he didn’t “think that they’re intentionally getting it wrong” Also Google Translate: you type dog 18 times, it traslates as “Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve. We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus' return.” [12 Min] Downtime of the month Google home assistant out for hours at end of last month “Chromecasts can't stream video, and Home speakers respond to commands with: "Sorry, something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds."” And ProTip of the month, don’t search for Teamviewer on the wrong social network, you’ll get something .. special. And customer service of the month, Paypal sent a nastygram to somebody saying Pay Us Back Right Now cos she’d breached the terms of contract by dying. [14 Min] You're listening to IT Stuff, sorry, something went wrong, try again in quarter of an hour. [14 Min] [WORLD OF STUFF] CHIP and CHIP PRO; trade tariffs, components, MOOG [18 Min] [SINGULARITY WATCH] Drones are coming to Bradford (apparently). Quake III Arena Capture the Flag! (DeepMind, which is a Google tentacle) [21 Min] Local Events badonkadonk and weirdspace (8th August) Coder Dojo Shut until September [22 Min] Go Home Elon You're Drunk Farting unicorn, pedo guy Musicstuffs: Compressorhead - Ace of Spades, Now with 350kg Singer "Mega-Wattson" the new singer and "Hellga Tarr" the new guitarist and backing vocalist, PLEASE DONT STAGEDIVE. Skid Row Amiga Cracktro compilation feat. 4-mat, CPT and Zzzax ~ Best on headphones ;-)
Broadcast 26th & 27th July 2018