Episode 131217

Hello hello! So due to us all having made so much money from Bitcoin, we can't be bothered with Bradford any more and we're all moving somewhere more fitting to our new status as rich people.

Our topics include: No Sad Poop Emoji Apple High Sierra fail Facebook bans “men are scum” Experimenting with 3D Printed Fabric

World of Stuff: IBM new typeface - IBM Plex

Youtube of the month: Make Anything 3D Printing channel

Singularity Watch: Google Brain made its AI make an AI

BCB IT Stuff recording 13 December 2017 transmission 14/15 December 2017 [0] Hello hello, So due to us all having made so much money from Bitcoin we can't be bothered with Bradford any more, we're all moving somewhere more fitting to our new status as rich people. [2 Min] No Sad Poop Emoji. [4 Min] So chrimbo came early for Apple. It was like an advent calendar, first day it turned out you could hack a mac - own it totally - with their new High Sierra upgrade. Get a prompt asking for username and password, type root, leave the password empty, Sure! You're in! A bit like “Are you a god” in Ghostbusters. They fixed that in 18 hours... and then next day, it turned out, if you'd received the fix first and then upgraded to High Sierra, the fix got wiped out. lol and then even if you reapplied the fix no longer worked. lololol. hows our Bitcoin doing? [8 Min] Social Media - may wants to make them pay! Facebook bans “men are scum”! ripping apart the social fabric of how society works! Twitter has no excuse for Trump! [11 Min] Here's one for absent friend Dick, US Homeland Security just let it slip they've hacked a 757 / In other transport lulz, researchers have warned the standard software “BAPLIE EDIFACT” for exchanging shipping manifests is so insecure they might be able to sink boats by making them load all the heavy stuff on one side. Or put flammable material where it's unsafe. Or sabotage coffee by putting it next to smelly fish. Or just nick a few containers. [14 Min] You are listening to IT Stuff on BCB Radio 106.6 FM. Time for a very small World of Stuff? IBM new typeface, IBM Plex; http://app.programmingfonts.org [16 Min] Time for Youtube of the month! [YOUPOOP] Make Anything 3D Printing channel, Experimenting with 3D Printed Fabric [3DFABRIC.WAV] Devin Montes https://www.myminifactory.com/users/MakeAnything Other Youtube news, dispute in Finland over music rights made Youtube in Finland block all music by Finnish composers, let's zoom and enhance, can you name any Finnish composers? and can you name Sibelius' greatest hit? That's right.... banned in Finland. lol. Agreement reached in a day. And this. Interviewer: What would you say to those who argue cementing your head in a microwave was a stupid stunt that wasted firefighters' time that could have been spent helping someone else? Moron: What about those who drink and drive or get drunk and start fights? They waste police time. Singularity Update, Google Brain made its AI make an AI, and the AI that the AI made turns out to be better than humans at recognising objects in real time video. (-> Tom Watson) [22 Min] So do we have any events? How's bitcoin doing? Is Bitcoin a scam? [25 Min] “Attention: Attention: We are drunk today, so updates will be tomorrow! This is the last day when you can buy a lifetime DeUHD! Catch the moment!” [25 min 52 sec] DECMUSIC.WAV 4 min exactly [29 min 52 sec]Musicstuffs: Do They Know It's Christmas by Richard Cheese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ehSjOPsjvc It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas by Shittyfluted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P94GWpPS_oQ
Broadcast 14th & 15th December 2017