Episode 181017

Welcome to Negativity Month! Wherein the first half of the show we'll celebrate the misery of autumn with negative technology stories and security fails.

We conclude the show with AI and local events in an attempt to cheer ourselves up. Will it work?

Our topics include: WPA2 Krack attack Adobe Flash emergency patch Key fobs on Subaru cars Microsoft Outlook plain text attachment in encrypted mail Adobe Security Team blogs their own PGP Private key Deloitte login details leaked Monero bitcoin miners WeChat bffs the Chinese Govt US mobile phone shares anything for money Pornhub advert spyware Equifax fake flash upgrade Mattel withdraws kid-focused “smart hub” Aristotle Disqus data breaches Twitter doubles word count and revised abuse policy

Singularity Watch: Google's teachable machine - using your camera, live in the browser

Local events: Bradford Coder Dojo 3rd Birthday - Sat, 28th Oct 2017 9:30am-12pm at Little Germany Queer Code Yorkshire - 2nd Nov at Sky Betting & Gaming Wellington Place Leeds

BCB IT Stuff recording 18 October 2017 [0] Hello everybody, Welcome to Negativity Month, in the first half of the show we'll be celebrating the misery of autumn with all the negative technology stories we can find, security fail, and then to cheer us up the second half of the show will be AI and local events [2 Min] So what's broken? What's out to get you? Spoilt for choice really but starting with broken, WPA2, Krack attack. Adobe Flash, last week proudly trumpeting the fact that – for the first time in ages – there would be no security patches this month for its applications. Sadly, that lasted six days before the emergency fix had to be released. Key fobs on Subaru cars from 2011 and before (£25 worth of kit needed), Microsoft Outlook adds plaintext as attachment to encrypted mail. [5 Min] Schadenfreude department: Adobe Security Team blogged their own PGP Private key, and Deloitte turned out to have thousands of servers wide open and login details leaked. Gartner, the world's best IT pundits, named Deloitte the world's best security consultancy for five years in a row, so much for Gartner and indeed Deloitte. [8 Min] Whats out to get you? bitcoin miners (monero actually), WeChat gives everything to the Chinese Govt, US mobile phone cos give your identity in realtime to anyone who pays. Pornhub, advert downloads spyware.Equifax, fake flash upgrade. Mattel withdraws kid-focused “smart hub” Aristotle from market after complaints. "Consumers should know how this product will work and what measures Mattel will take to protect families' privacy and secure their data." Instead of answering those questions, Mattel has withdrawn the product. Data breaches - disqus [11 Min] Twitter news, theyre doing an experiment with double the size of tweets for selected users, they haven't done Trump yet, er, except someone worked out you can turn it on for yourself. Also they just revised the abuse policy! new definition of nudity! will hide hate images! banhammer for glorifying violence and hate! [14 Min] You're listening to IT Stuff here on BCB Radio, we're on 106.6fm, listen live on radioplayer, listen again, youtubes, website and all that. Here's Singularity Watch [SINGULARITY.WAV] Teachable Machine https://teachablemachine.withgoogle.com/ Pocket Beagle - beagleboard the size of a keyfob $25 [19 Min] Upcoming Local Events Coder Dojo 3rd Birthday! Anyone from the age of seven to seventeen can visit our Dojo and learn how to code, build websites, apps, or games and explore technology in a laid-back, creative, fun and social environment. CoderDojo has just one rule: “Above All: Be Cool“ https://bradford-coderdojo.github.io/ 28 Oct 2017 at 09:30 - 12:00 reg not yet open We're in the middle of Europe Code Week which started on 7th and continues until 22nd, wossat? 2nd November, inauguration of Queer Code Yorkshire “a community for queer programmers who wish to write code within a supportive environment” visit from founders of Queer Code London “launch event is open to allies” FREE FOOD but in Leeds 6pm til 9pm Sky Betting & Gaming Wellington Place Leeds 2nd November Eventbrite “Queer Code Yorkshire” Get Into Tech Leeds - Work experience Jan to April next year, closing date for applications is 17 November, search for Get Into Tech Leeds [25 Min] Musicstuffs 4Mat - LFF A bit of Cracktro music, played on the chipophone as used on Lemmings and Silkworm 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX44iCGELxg
Broadcast 19th & 20th October 2017